One After Another

This was a solo project for the University of Michigan's EECS 494. The goal of the project was to come up with a novel idea, and thoroughly explore it in a playable prototype.

My original idea was something along the lines of having real time combat where players controlled multiple characters. I was thinking along the lines of recording a routine for one character, and then switching over to another character to record their routine.

I cooked up an input recording/playback system and as I was messing around with it, I found that often what I wanted to do as one character was walk to a new location. The problem with that was that I would then switch back to the other character, and the character I just moved would proceed to walk itself into walls or jump off cliffs. I could have explored some way to manually specify when you're recording, but that struck me as too confusing.

In the end, I ended up scrapping the whole combat idea, and went with a simple platformer. Instead of recording controls and switching between characters, however, I made it so that once you reach the end of a level, you respawn at the beginning alongside a ghost of your previous run.