This project was my attempt at making a game without using a full blown game engine. The only third party libraries used were:

The collision detection is based on the physics in old Sonic the Hedgehog games for Sega Genesis. Basically, every collidable shape is a 32x32-pixel tile represented as four 32-byte "height" maps. That's one height map for "top-to-bottom", one for "bottom-to-top", one for "left-to-right", and one for "right-to-left". Then, the character has a handful of one-pixel sensors. If any sensor overlaps with a collidable tile, it first checks which direction it's moving, and then indexes into the tile's appropriate height map to see if and where the player should be stopped. This gives us pixel perfect collision with only 128 bytes per collidable shape!

The game includes online multiplayer using a TCP-based lock step-like system. Clients each have a big array holding their last several frames of input. They send their input buffers to the server, and then the server sends back every other input buffer. The nitty-gritty of this gets a tad crazy, as the server keeps track of every client's position in every other client's input buffer, and if a client is too far behind in running through a remote client's buffer, it will actually play back at twice the speed until sufficiently caught up.

One of the goals with this project was to try and make the compiled result a single dependenciless executable. To achieve that, there's a fairly complicated pre-build script in which tilemaps and collision height maps get turned into C arrays and tossed into a generated assets.h file. All other assets get crammed into a single binary blob, and a bunch of constants with sizes and offsets get added to assets.h. Then on build it uses platform specific features ("resources" for Windows, ld -r -b binary for Linux, and sectcreate for macOS) to embed the binary asset blob into the executable on compilation. Unfortunately I was never able to make the Windows build run without installing the Visual C++ redistributable, but other than that, it was dependenciless!