Interdimensional Corgi Fishing

My (and team's) entry for the 2nd Alakajam! The theme was "You can't see everything". I ended up with a team much larger than originally anticipated for this one (6 people!), which worried me as I suspected communicating with people would use up a lot of time. Surely enough, communicating with people did take up a fair amount of time, but the productivity boost of the large team proved to make up the difference! Plus it was a lot of fun.

This game's concept is quite bizarre. Our original idea included being able to collect magic glasses that change the world when worn, and as a result of narrowing things down, it became using a headlamp to view a small portion of another world and swap things to and from that world. Because it took us so long to come up with enough of a concept to get started, we delayed coming up with any actual gameplay until rather late in the jam (and night). It occurred to us after the matter that it's maybe strange to collect a bunch of fish in buckets, and then leave the fish behind and eat regular dog food.

Team: Nigel Baillie, Jennifer Dailey, Nathan Korth, Daniel Korth, Joe Ambrose, and Sundari Butkiewicz.